Get a sense of your business state
We offer a variety of detailed consulting services that start from your startup tech health evaluation to setting up an efficient internal control environment for your business
How we can help you
Get an overview of your business resources to support growth
Software Development
As a part of consulting services we can assess your company opportunities, analyze state of the legacy code, suggest the right technology stack and help in shaping up your MVP.

System Integration
As a part of audit process we assess the effectiveness, performance and security of all internal control environment:

- server and network configuration
- hardware
- architecture
- software
IT Consulting stands for interplay between financial, operational and technology processes within your business
Mitigate risks
Based on audit results we identify network sections that compromise the proper operation
Optimize process
We define and remove unnecessary processes from the company's IT infrastructure
Drive innovations
IT Consulting assists in the integration of new solutions into the existing business model
Areas of practices
Will help to launch your MVP in a time and cost-effective manner and arrange smooth IT infrastructure modernization
For Startups
  • Code Audit
  • UX Architecture review
  • Business Analysis
  • Scoping session and Estimate
  • Software Architecture design
  • MVP Development
  • Data migration
For Enterprise
  • Development of IT strategy
  • Network perfomance monitoring
  • Assessment of the network infrastructure scalability
  • IT Infrastructure efficiency assessment
  • Design of server infrastructure
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