System integration
We provide a full range of Systems Integration services - from special equipment distribution and technical audit to the design of complex systems, software development and further support.

Our goal is to make your Operations seamless, smart and secure.

About us
Quantal is a team of professional engineers with a fundamental understanding of business processes in enterprise and public sectors.

Our experience in system integration and the constant implementation of new technologies allow us to successfully use proven solutions along with innovative approach.

Our services
IT Infrastructure setup
Ensuring seamless work of business processes within the enterprise. Starting from building a basic IT infrastructure on-premises (facilities, data centers), integration with ERP, to setting up cloud computing and full virtualization.
Data Processing Centers
Design, maintenance and modernization of the data center computing infrastructure. Creation of reliable protection and access to sensitive business information, and a convenient infrastructure for its use within the enterprise.
Complex Security System
Implementation of a comprehensive surveillance system for access control system, object detection and response to danger, providing protection in several directions at once.
Quantal in numbers
EST. 2014
7 years on the market
Delivered solutions
Own products
Ready-to-use modules
Local presence
We know how to combine innovation and proven technology to make it work on a long run
Full circle service
We will cover the full entire service cycle - from receiving an application, to supplying equipment, project implementation and further support
We accommodate the logic in project architecture at the every planning stage, to make sure that we deliver scalable and maintainable solution
We meet deadlines and ensure that our technical solutions are compliant with regulatory requirements
Qualified and timely post-launch support services
Our clients
We work with customers from the public, industrial and financial sectors
Industrial facilities
Government units
Airports and border control areas
Public transport
Retail and Wholesale
Work in stages
The implementation of the project consists of four main phases
Technical audit
Security and performance checkup. Development of the technical concept
Projects with technical and economic justifications
Realization of technical specifications: delivery and configuration of equipment and software
Service maintenance and post-integration audit
Our partners
We value cooperation with market leaders
Their products help us create reliable
enterprise-grade solutions
Ready-to-use solution
VedoVesion - Module for fight detection
A modular AI-based solution designed to integrate with a video surveillance system. The ultimate goal of VedoVision is to identify violent actions for prevention
Free consultation
We will be happy to get on a video call
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